MUSIC: Dec. 15th, Egg & Dart

Next Thursday, December 15th, is the Egg & Dart Holiday Jamboree, featuring musical genius Sameer Kapoor playing his own renditions of some seasonal classics around the piano and our toasty woodburning oven. A wintery selection of drinks and cocktails will be on offer to warm your spirits as well. 

See you in faux fur, home-knitted mittens and extra socks! 

The Egg & Dart Club Gang

December 15th
15 Vanderbilt Ave.

PS: we’ll be closed this Thursday the 8th.
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Musician bio: 

Although Brooklyn-based musician Sameer Kapoor has become a household name around the family hi-fi, and needs no formal introduction, his background is an interesting one, and unbeknownst to most. He was born in the wilds of the Himalayas after the Kapoor family was stranded on a family vacation for almost 8 months. Since Kapoor’s parents had no access to a Gregorian calendar in their state of desolation, they never knew their son’s precise birthday, though it is believed to fall somewhere between the beginning of Hanukkah and the end of Kwanza. As young Sameer grew up without a specific birthday of his own, he subconsciously adopted the entire holiday season, cherishing each day as it might be his own day of arrival. As a way to channel his confused love for the holidays, Kapoor has dedicated himself to creating some of the most heartfelt, provocative and touching holiday songs in the holiday CD carousel. A selection of Kapoor’s very own sentimental renditions can be downloaded here: