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SOCIAL COOKING: Dec. 16th, Chaos Cooking

Chaos Cooking: Upper East Side Edition
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The continuing social experiment where way too many people cook way too many recipes has made it to the Upper East Side! There’s one kitchen, 4 burners and 1 one oven. All recipes must be finished in 4 hours while everyone is drinking wine, … socializing and putting delectable dishes in their mouths.

To Bring: 2 Bottles of wine per person.
Extra knives, cutting boards, big bowls, and tupperware to bring any extra food home.

How it works.
Bring the ingredients necessary for everyone to try a little bit of your dish, extra knives & cutting boards (if you have them) and two bottles of wine per person.

When you arrive
1) Check in
3) Pour yourself some wine
4) Start making your dish
5) Drink some more wine
6) Help your new friends
7) Bang on a pot when your dish is finished
8) Don’t forgot….try some dishes, share your dish, and try not to start yourself on fire
9) Wrap up some food to take home
10) Cleanup will start at 10:00

This has been an incredible success, cultivating some of the best vibes we’ve felt in a while. We started at 18 people and pushed the chaos to 60, which somehow still works. Some dish ideas of what was made in the past; Vietnamese Summer Rolls, Gazpacho, Watermelon Basil Mint Feta Salad, Week-long marinated Pork, Portabello Mushroom Burgers, Curried Squash Soup, etc.

Now we’re bringing it uptown. We need that Chaos Cooking mojo up here!


SHOW: Dec. 16th, HiChristina

HiChristina brings you the late night talk show to end all talk and turn upside down all shows! Walk through the doors and when the red light goes on take your place: in the audience, or on stage as a guest or backup dancer, in the band lead by Christina herself, as one of the stage crew, or take the “mystery surprise” role, it’s your choice when you arrive! And, for the performers out there, do a 2 min piece on stage and be interviewed afterward by your hosts Fritz and Christina. For the voyeur inside, get the special Paparazzi pass and get to sneak back stage or even sit, “under the desk!” Also a chance to meet and hear from some of New York’s finest artistic talent. 90 minute show starts promptly. 
at CultureFix 9 Clinton Street in the Lower East Side
$10 at the door, $7 online here. Space limited. Get your tickets and we’ll confirm your spot(s).

AERIAL: Dec. 16th, Holiday Circus Spectacular

Hosted by Jennifer Miller, a circus extravaganza featuring variety acts and aerial feats by performers from across the globe:
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ART/MUSIC/FIRE/AEROBATICS: Dec. 16th, The Longest Night

Closing Party Weekend
Friday, December 16, 2011
$10 suggested donation after 8pm

Performances & Bands:
Morgan O’Kane with Phillip Roebuck
Aerialist Seanna Sharpe
Flambeaux Fire
Kelvin Daly live musical performance ritual with aerialists Liron Dan & Bree Buryk
Performance artist Matthew Silver

Saturday, December 17, 2011
$10 suggested donation after 8pm

Performances & Bands:
Aerialist Seanna Sharpe

Flambeaux Fire
Kelvin Daly live musical performance ritual with aerialists Liron Dahan & Bree Buryk
Performance artist Matthew Silver

FOOD: Dec. 16th, Winter Solstice Feast

Winter Solstice Feast 2011is a party and benefit for Bushwick Farmers’ Market and “the other neat projects of EcoStation:NY” will take place on Friday, December 16 atBrooklyn Fire Proof‘s massive Nut Roaster Studio.
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ART: Dec. 16th, The Unexplored Terrain

Title: Geographia: The Unexplored Terrain
Description: Admission: $5

Join us for our latest panel of artists and scientists who converge over the very visual discipline of cartography. Cartographers can tell us more than just the routes from one point to another, they can map terrains of landscape or psychological space, that amorphous state that adds up to a sense of a place beyond mere cataloging. They can also reduce all to the basic, the pure essence of line and plane. For an artist, these are natural places for their curiosity to roam. Doug Beube, an artist in the Mapping the Surface exhibition, moderates the panel that also includes fellow exhibitors Dannielle Tegeder, Robbin Ami Silverberg and Leif Percifield of Public Laboratories.

Start Time: 6:30pm
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