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Jan 28th: Silkscreen

Printed Histories Closing Party: Live Silkscreening with Goldmine Shithouse
Exit Art (475 Tenth Ave., Manhattan)
Free admission, $5 for silkscreening

Celebrate the last Saturday of Exit Art’s Printed Histories with Goldmine Shithouse!

Exit Art’s Silkscreen Thrown Down with GMSH features original screens by founding members, David Hochbaum, Travis Lindquist, and Colin Burns. For $5, GMSH will print on anything you bring…from t-shirts to bags to even the clothes on your back, so be sure to bring all your goodies to get
these amazing prints on your wares!


Jan. 28th: BTP Opening

The Berlin Tunnel Project Opening Reception
Proteus Gowanus (543 Union St., Brooklyn)

Cold War Cocktails will be served

An installation inspired by a declassified CIA document describing a tunnel that was dug from West to East Berlin during the Cold War.

The Museum of Matches, a one-room Cold War museum, occasionally invites visitors to respond to Cold War documents, photographs and memorabilia. The Berlin Tunnel Project is a collaborative installation by three artists whose countries of origin comprise the three countries involved in the Berlin Tunnel episode: Tatiana Istomina (Soviet Union), Barbara Westermann (Germany), Sasha Chavchavadze (United States).

The Berlin Tunnel installation will be on view at Proteus Gowanus from January 28th – February 25th.

In 1954 the CIA began to dig a tunnel from West Berlin to East Berlin for the purposes of tapping into Soviet phone cables. The completed tunnel took a year to construct and was 1,476 feet long. 3,100 tons of soil was removed and the tunnel was lined with 125 tons of steel. The KGB, however, had been informed of the project from the start by a Soviet mole in the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI-6) named George Blake. Most likely the KGB did not reveal that they knew about the tunnel to protect their mole. In April 1956 the KGB “discovered” the tunnel and released the information to the world press. American newspapers generally marveled that the CIA was capable of such a remarkable clandestine maneuver.

Jan. 28th: Chinese NEw Year Celebration

Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration
World Financial Center Winter Garden (200 Vesey St., Manhattan)
Arts & Crafts: 1–2:30pm (balcony)
Performances: 2:30–4pm (stage)

Celebrate the most popular Chinese holiday with gravity-defying acrobatics, festive musical ensembles, costumed folk dancers, and of course the lion dance! Young audiences learn traditional techniques of paper cutting, dough figurines, face painting, and calligraphy.

Jan. 28th: Dead Herring

Dead Herring Comedy and Variety Show

Features Joe Schiappa (stand up), Carla Rhodes (ventriloquist), Jared Logan(stand up), Hilary Chaplain (clown), Audrey Crabtree (clown) and Corn Mo (musician and raconteur). Hosted by Jeff Seal and Chris Manley (idiots). All proceeds go to the making of a music video for the .357 Lovers’ new album, the Purchase of the North Pole. This show takes place in the living room of the Dead Herring and is followed by a dance party.

Dead Herring
141 South 5th Street, no. 1E, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
8:30p doors, 9p show; $8 sliding scale

Jan. 28th: Idiotarod

2012 Armageddon Idiotarod Race

Cart rapture begins. Starting location to be announced only to vetted and registered teams.

Corporation X having gone into fiscal receivership last year was acquired by Lord R. McGeddon. R. McGeddon, having a long family history in the military, pharmaceutical, and agro-chemical industries views this event as an extremely appropriate venture at this time.

The race will be won by the worthy. Harsher judgment than usual? Yes. Why? Because it is the Judgment. Trying to earn your way through the Pearly Gates will require bribery and trickery of the highest order. Proper submission and devotion to Clan McGeddon, various Minions, and Sundry Agents is not just strongly encouraged, but required.

Notice: The hurling of food and other objects/materials is strictly forbidden and will result in shackling.


Jan. 28th: Parents don’t understand

Parents Just Don’t Understand

Put aside your grown-up responsibilities and aspirations, and get down with your inner child for a night of art that celebrates childhood. We’re screening a collection of Sadie Benning’s teenage videos shot on a Fisher Price Pixelvision camera. Then, get your dance on with the (in)famous hip-hop/syth-pop stylings Apple Jackzzzzz. We’re also screening episodes of the series Flabulous about a crazy lady whose terrible advice sends neighborhood kids on hysterical and dangerous adventures. And so much more fun. Free home brewed beer. This month: Graham Cracker Beer.

721 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn
2,3,4,5,C trains to Franklin Avenue station
8p $free
All ages

Jan 28th: Bingo

Books Through Bars Bingo

Join Books Through Bars for their Annual Bingo Fundraiser. Featuring Sister Loud Melissa and DJ Lena. Prizes include gift certificates from Anthology Film Archives, Book Thug Nation, Bluestockings, the IFC Center, the Feminist Press, and more.

Brecht Forum
451 West Street, between Bank and Bethune, Manhattan
7p; $free to enter, $1 a card, all proceeds used to buy postage to send free books to prisoners

Jan. 28th: Film Sale

Millennium Film Workshop Sale

All make movie projectors and audio visual equipment. Recognized Bell and Howell repairman on premises. Screens, film cans, reels, speakers, parts, furniture, and stock films. So much stuff: 16mm, 8mm, and so much more.

66 East 4th Street, Manhattan
11a-6p; $free

Jan. 28th: Hand Made Films

The Index of Maladjustment (A Screening of Hand Processed Films)

Filmmakers in attendance for discussion. This event coincide with the Camera Club of New York (CCNY) workshop on hand processing. This screening presents hand-processed Super 8 and 16mm films by contemporary artists and filmmakers, emphasizing experimentation, imperfections, nostalgia, and the immediacy of erasure.

The idea of the death of film is not new — over the past two decades, major manufacturers have severely halted their rate of production and processing of film and paper stocks. The Index of Maladjustment is celebrating this recently antiquated medium by showcasing film scratches, chemical traces, color shifts, and the inherent mysteries that are not possible with glossy digital processes. This championing of human slights, an antithetical concept within the present hyper-digital society, strives to find the beauty within what has been deemed an error, and subsequently altered. These maladjustments — evidence of mistakes, defects, and failures — are, in fact, something to be contemplated and revered.

322 Union Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
7:30p; $9 suggested donation

Jan. 28th: Occupation Party

Occupation Party

An autonomous group has announced an Occupation Party for this Saturday in Williamsburg, in the interest of starting a series of Rolling Occupations, mounting a Spring Offensive, and exacerbating the situation in the city in order to catalyze, contextualize, and build capacity towards the May First General Strike. In short, to weave a fabric of insubordination beginning in one neighborhood and ballooning outward.

Everyone is invited to be the crisis they want to see in 2012, set up whatever plans for action, and fundamentally alter the occupied space as they see fit. So far we’ve heard of dancefloors, cinemas, teach-ins, and propaganda distribution to name a few, so bring your wildest ideas and the elements necessary to realize them. Keep in mind the mild risk of police intervention, but also the possibility of staying over, so pack accordingly.

We’ll be converging before heading to the space, which has lain vacant for years now, and is owned by a bank known to invest in bio-, chemical, and nuclear weapons, as well as cluster bombs used specifically by Qaddafi against the 2011 insurgency. We’ll stay as long as we can, do as much as we can, and there are contingency plans set up in the event of eviction. Besides, we can always take it to the street.

Supply list: sound system (portable amplifiers, PA systems, quarter-to-eighth-inch cords, ipods, djs(?)) furniture of any kind movie files for death to capitalism cinema lights (lamps, xmas lights, psychedelia, etc.) propaganda material (posters, wheatpaste, paint, spraypaint, banner material, pre-prepared banners, rope, paintbrushes, zines for newsboxes, literature etc.) practical matters (surge protectors, extension cords, pushcarts).

207 North 8th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
10p; $free