“There’s no sense in going further — 
it’s the edge of cultivation,”
So they said, and I believed it — 
broke my land and sowed my crop —
Built my barns and strung my fences 
in the little border station
Tucked away below the foothills 
where the trails run out and stop.

Till a voice, as bad as Conscience, 
rang interminable changes
In one everlasting Whisper 
day and night repeated — so:
“Something hidden. Go and find it. 
Go and look behind the Ranges —
Something lost behind the Ranges. 
Lost and waiting for you. Go!”

The Edge of Cultivation was born in 2012, by Roshan Shah. New York is an ever-changing creative mecca, always with something fun and incredible to do. Right now, there are hundreds of blogs, lists, and other ways for you to get information about the going-ons of this city. This here is my personal curation of the best this city has to offer. It may not be everything, but it’s the beginning. The beginning of a new adventure.