Jan. 28th: Idiotarod

by Rosh

2012 Armageddon Idiotarod Race

Cart rapture begins. Starting location to be announced only to vetted and registered teams.

Corporation X having gone into fiscal receivership last year was acquired by Lord R. McGeddon. R. McGeddon, having a long family history in the military, pharmaceutical, and agro-chemical industries views this event as an extremely appropriate venture at this time.

The race will be won by the worthy. Harsher judgment than usual? Yes. Why? Because it is the Judgment. Trying to earn your way through the Pearly Gates will require bribery and trickery of the highest order. Proper submission and devotion to Clan McGeddon, various Minions, and Sundry Agents is not just strongly encouraged, but required.

Notice: The hurling of food and other objects/materials is strictly forbidden and will result in shackling.