Jan. 28th: Hand Made Films

by Rosh

The Index of Maladjustment (A Screening of Hand Processed Films)

Filmmakers in attendance for discussion. This event coincide with the Camera Club of New York (CCNY) workshop on hand processing. This screening presents hand-processed Super 8 and 16mm films by contemporary artists and filmmakers, emphasizing experimentation, imperfections, nostalgia, and the immediacy of erasure.

The idea of the death of film is not new — over the past two decades, major manufacturers have severely halted their rate of production and processing of film and paper stocks. The Index of Maladjustment is celebrating this recently antiquated medium by showcasing film scratches, chemical traces, color shifts, and the inherent mysteries that are not possible with glossy digital processes. This championing of human slights, an antithetical concept within the present hyper-digital society, strives to find the beauty within what has been deemed an error, and subsequently altered. These maladjustments — evidence of mistakes, defects, and failures — are, in fact, something to be contemplated and revered.

322 Union Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
7:30p; $9 suggested donation