Jan. 28th: Delorean Sisters

by Rosh

SAT 1/28: 9pm Doors / $10
Ever wonder what it would sound like if Depeche Mode went back in time to 1927, hit up the nearest whiskey still and grabbed a banjo? Probably pretty rad. Ever wish the Carter Family played at your prom in 1985? Of course you have. Well, you’re in luck: the DeLorean Sisters have just the thing for you.

The Sisters are all children of the 80s with souls as old as the resin in your grandpappy’s corn cob pipe. Together they’ve taken to reimagining synth-pop hits and keytar karaoke staples as old timey, early 20th century Americana. Diane Wohland and Jessica Spiegel both play guitar and harmonize like feather-haired angels; Clive Thompson plays lead guitar and harmonica;Brian Braiker is on banjo, slide guitar and ukulele, and Gary Lowery sings, hollers, washboards, and tinkles the meanest triangle you ever did hear. It’s Marty McFly with a washboard; Hank Williams in legwarmers. The Dust Bowl meets the Superbowl Shuffle.
Menage A Twang is a Brooklyn-based, all-girl, comic country trio that blends lovely three part harmonies with razor sharp wit, acoustic guitars with an anti-depressant pill bottle shaker, and camp irony with a genuine love for folk music. In the spirit of trios gone before-notably the Dolly, Emmy Lou, and Linda collaboration, the Dixie Chicks, and, of course, Destiny’s Child- the Menage’s debut album, available at http://www.cdbaby.com/menageatwang, delivers songs that address the unique challenges that fabulous ladies face when navigating big city life.
A Dolly Parton cover band? Doll Parts is the next best thing to the big-busted diva herself.