Jan. 27th: Work

by Rosh

70 N. 6th St., Brooklyn

In an age in which the lines are more and more blurred between the concept of “DJ” and the concept of “musician”, WORK is a PARTY where artists are invited to play extended sets, somewhere between where live music and recordings fit. Extended workouts, DJ sets, hardware house, cosmic journeys.

⋆ 1st EDITION presenting:

► JONAS REINHARDT (jonasreinhardt.com) 100% SILK◄

⋆ Bathing in the light and PROJECTIONS of:

☼ IVY MEADOWS (ivymeadows.net) ☼

Synth jams over dubbed-out DJ mixes, hypnagogic house and techno from Bryce & Kyle and DJ Jan Woo into the next world.