Jan. 27th: Das Wunderkammer Puppet Kabaret

by Rosh

Welcome to Das WunderKammer Puppet Kabarett !!! This month Our review will feature the works of Philadelphia based fabulist / puppeteer Adelaide Windsome a.k.a. Geppetta. Also in the line-up, Aly Perry & The Ragdoll Engine, and MORE! January 27th and 28th Friday and Saturday Evening @ 9 PM ALL TICKETs: Just $15 Welcome to the new ~ Weimar era as we stave off our misery one Puppet Act at at Time ! Grab a Drink and Have some Laughs and Shocks ! Escape your Troubles for the Night ! Das WunderKammer ~ Puppet Kabarett AWAITS !!! Reserve Tickets at 212.614.0001 or Email to info@cosmicbicycle.com