Jan 26th, Egg & Dart

by Rosh

Egg & Dart Social Club , 15 Vanderbilt Ave., Brooklyn NY

Please come to ***liberation libations***
this thursday at the The Egg & Dart Club. 9pm.

Ezekiel Healy will play his lovely metal guitar, Phil Andrews will do a set of woodie guthrie cover songs, there will be opportunities for you to sing songs of liberation from the last 100 years, maybe a choir, and we will celebrate this start of the dawning of the ages with wood smoke and whiskey. we miss you. please come out.

Wood stove, cocktails, sky full of stars
free, hat pass for the players

This evening coincides with another wonderful libratory singing event — a foreclosure auction blockade at 3pm at the Brooklyn Supreme Court, 360 Adams Street. Members of OWS OccupiedRealEstate and O4O will be singing to stop the process of people’s homes being sold off to predatory buyers and the behest of predatory lenders. All are welcome. The meeting place for the action is FUREE, 81 Willoughby Street, Room 701 at 1pm. You can a gorgeous watch a video of how this worked last time. Questions? Email me and I’ll put you in contact with the organizers.

Let’s celebrate our inspiration, community and creativity with song. See you in the streets, at the courts, and on the dance floor. Bring the hands you like to hold. Forward them this letter.