MUSIC: Jan. 5th, Super Coda

by Rosh

Featuring performances blurring the distinctions between poetry, music, and performance art.

Joseph Keckler- astounding operatic virtuoso and performer who includes fantastical visuals and theatrical elements in his work.

Jason Ajemian and the High Life- ind blowing large ensamble led by the incomparable Mr. Ajemian, blowing our glass hearts full of jazz, poetry, graphic scores and intricate orchestration.

Jonathan Wood Vincent- Chief of avant-storytelling and piano par excellence. Curator at Papacookie.

Plus the Brooklyn premier of Slide Life- by Jason Ajemian and the High Life, directed by Mollie McKinley. Follow the adventure of one Wilbur Hammer as he returns home to Appalachia from his travels to deal with his landlord (played by Chesterhill local Lord Bobby) and his blonde-beehived sweetheart, Darlene Hammer. Shot on location at the Harold Arts, Chesterhill, Ohio. Inspired by our local friend and Desert Shield veteran, Bobby, who along with his hand-made battle axe, makes his big screen debut.

Plus an opening dis-assembly by myself and Michael Daily from wild and wonderful Lowell and BiRdOrGaN!