MUPPETS: Dec. 18th, The Muppet Vault

by Rosh

The Muppet Vault features classic, rare, and unreleased videos from the works of Jim Henson.  This time we’ve got an afternoon full of more Muppet Christmas fun than you could ever fit under your tree. 

The event will include an exclusive screening of the brilliant 1987 TV special, A Muppet Family Christmas, which finds Muppet Show characters sharing the screen with favorites from Sesame Street and Fraggle Rock, plus clips and songs from various Muppety Christmas specials both beloved and incredibly obscure, and plenty of audience participation, with sing-alongs, cool giveaways, drink specials and more!

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(Family Attractions)
Sunday, Dec 18, 2011 2:00 PM EST
Union Hall, Brooklyn, NY