SHOW: Dec. 17th, Apocalypse Medicine Show

by Rosh

Dr. Adventure! and Snake Douglas present:

The Apocalypse Medicine Show

Step right up and come on down to the greatest, and last, show on earth. We’ve got the cure to all of your apocalyptic woes, worries, maladies, afflictions, aches, pains and fears. The Apocalypse Medicine Show offers a plethora of panaceas to soothe all distraught souls,troubled minds and fevered brows as the world around us comes crumbling down. Join us for our inaugural performance as we begin the countdown to the End of Time. Featuring magnificently monstrous burlesque acts, feats of might and daring, and of course a wide array of apocalyptic tonics, tinctures, potions, and elixirs. Our cast of Armageddonauts includes: Dr. Adventure, and Snake Douglas: MC’s,Strongmen,Apocalypse-Oil Salesmen, Phoenix: Ferocious femme-fatal fire goddess, Marina Tsaplina and Christopher Scheer: Taming Tease, and a Normal Young Man: Building a Better Party.

Earth-shaking musical performances by Nova Dust, Jogyo, Angel and the Bad Man, DJ Kimyon, DJ Adam Ludwig, and special guests. Also featuring monster go-go dancers, mutant body-paint, the Yeti’s Hookah Lounge, fire healing rituals, live tattooing, and holiday themed battle royale.

Costumes encouraged. Brought to you by some of the minds behind Thunder Gumbo, Ride the Snake, the Brooklyn Pirates, the Skull-eaters and the Super-Circus Sideshow, the Apocalypse Medicine Show represents the absolute best and most spectacular performers that humanity has to offer in these, our final days.

638 East 6th Street, between avenues C and B, Manhattan
10p-4a; $10, all proceeds are split by the performers