FILM: Dec. 16th, OWS

by Rosh

No One Can Predict the Moment of Revolution: Films From #OWS [so far]

Next Friday, on the eve of the three month anniversary of OWS, let’s get together to watch some short documentaries – and a few more experimental clips – that cover the first three months of a people’s movement. The efforts of the independent media-makers of the 99% havebeen amazing and inspirational; let’s check out some of the fruits of their labor and discuss where it goes from here.

CUNY PSC offices
61 Broadway 16th Floor (3 blocks south of Zuccotti Park)
NY NY 10006
trains: Wall St. 4/5, Rector St. N/R, Broad St. J/Z

Short films include:
• Why Don’t You Join Us (MK12 Productions, 1min)
• Right Here All Over (Alex Mallis, 7min)
• Occupy Poetry (Dan Sauvage, 1min)
• Nobody Can Predict the Moment of Revolution (Iva Radevojevic, 8min)
• Occupy The Hood (Adele Pham, 3min)
• Consensus (Meerkat Media, 8min)
• Occupy the D.O.E. (Meerkat Media, 5min)
• Why Occupy Portland? (Softbox, 7min)
• Occupy Economics (Softbox, 3min)
• The Council of Elders Stand In Solidarity With OWS (Beloved CC, 5min)
• Queen Mother of Harlem (Adele Pham, 4min)
• reOccupy Oakland #11/11 (Adele Pham, 7min)
• Occupy Wall St. 2001 (Martha Colburn, 4min)
• The Eviction of Zuccotti Park – Nov 15th 2011 (Laura Newman, 4min)
• Occupy Our Homes: Homeowners Speak Out (Messiah Rhodes, 6min)
• Occupied Barcelona: The Spanish Election Rejection (Brandon Jourdan, 5min)
• Molly Shapes History – #Occupy LSX (You and I Films, 4min)
• Homeless Family Occupies Foreclosed Home in Brooklyn (Inside Story) (The Yes Lab, 5min)
The night includes docs from Occupy Oakland, Occupy Portland, and clips from London and Barcelona.

This will NOT be a presentation of amateur video of police brutality and park evictions – though we recognize their incredible importance – but a collection of impressive, objective, thoughtful, occasionally artful, of-the-moment film and media. Program totals about 75 minutes.

There will be an introduction and a discussion to follow, about the role of media in social justice movements, the emergence of crowd-sourced documentary films, and so on. Some featured filmmakers and video journalists will be present. Snacks will be generously provided by PSC’s “Labor Goes to the Movies” screening series.

– please spread this invite far and wide
– this roster of films will exist as a living document, and will be presented repeatedly through the winter and into next year at different locations throughout NYC, with new material being absorbed and added
– The Professional Staff Congress is the union that represents more than 20,000 faculty and staff at the City University of New York (CUNY). They’ve been extremely generous in giving us the space. *please treat it with respect*

Hope to see you there!