ART: Dec. 15th, Art of Rebellion

by Rosh

THE ART OF REBELLION | curated from an open call to currently enrolled students

54 Second Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215

opening reception Thursday, December 15th, 6-9pm
on view December 15th – January 26th

Join us for thought-provoking art, a glass of wine, and passionate political discourse!

Featuring work by:

Rachel Cohen
Christian Hansen
Bryan Meador
Tonja Torgerson
Roberto De Jesus
Freya Powell
Lisa Miller
Kevin Deckert
Audrey Rodriguez
Deanna Paquette
Idoyangbon Edorisiagbon
+ the 99%

2011 has been a year of rebellion. This year has seen long-standing monarchs overthrown in Egypt and Libya and mass protests for calling change in the economic-political power structure in Europe and the United States, most notably in Occupy Wall Street movement. Dissent at this level has not been seen since the late 1960’s, where protesters developed both nonviolent and more radical protest techniques that are still used in today’s struggles.

Young people in particular are standing up and using their voice, and in times of social turmoil and political upheaval art can be used as a powerful and emotional communicative tool. In recognition of these calls for change, The Art of Rebellion features politically-fueled artwork of varying of mediums and viewpoints selected from an open call to currently enrolled students.